In the early eighties, Dew Crisp pioneered the GFT (gravel farming technique) hydroponic farming system, a system which continuously recycles nutrient enriched water through growing beds - ideal for the production of leafy herb and salad products. It is also environmentally friendly as there is no nutrient run off and water usage is extremely efficient.


A hydroponic drip system is used for the growing of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. The growing beds are covered by either shade or plastic structures that moderate weather conditions, providing ideal microclimates for growing.


Dew Crisp’s Farming group operations include: large outdoor scale farming in two diverse growing areas, Gauteng and Western Cape. Dew Crisp’s Gauteng farming area is 150ha whist the Western Cape is 125ha. Using both hydroponics and conventional farming techniques, we reduce our risk by farming our products under protection.


We’ve also invested significant capital into the 260ha, conventional soil production farm in Bapsfontein. The farm has 30ha of Haygrove tunnels as well as 100ha of crop under centre pivot irrigation. It supplies the majority of all raw materials needed for processing operations.


Our farms are Global Gap (Good Agricultural Practices) certified, ensuring that strict rotational programs are in place to protect the integrity of the soils. We employ the latest farming techniques using state of the art equipment.


In addition to our own farming operations, we’ve established strong relationships with select farmers across South Africa. This diversification reduces production risk and enables us to provide our customers with a continuous supply of high quality products.

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